Monday, January 19, 2009

Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch

We must say a little thank you to Anne-marie for inviting us to the 6th Fashion Bloggers Brunch in the fabulous Dylan Hotel on Sunday. What better way to spend your Sunday than discussing fashion over Eggs Onassis, or delicious pancakes. I certainly can't think of any.

When i got home i popped on my lovely new Clodagh McKenna apron and pranced around the kitchen for a while, pitty im not much of a cook...

This rather odd picture below is to show-off Cillian of Male Modes amazing sense of style, great purple shirt, lovely grey trousers and then these fantastic fußball socks. I must add that this photo was taken with Cillian's consent, even though it might appear otherwise.

More photos can be seen over at Annmarie's blog.


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