Friday, January 9, 2009

Just call me the bag lady

I've taken to lugging a lot of necessary crap around college, which means I now have to either carry one huge weekend break size bag or a couple of canvas bags on each arm (I've also decided you can tell what year of college someone is in by how much stuff they carry around). The baggage dilemma continues because I've been trying to decide what to bring on our Antwerp/ Paris adventure. I'm utterly sick of my back pack, I hate it and actually may have thrown it out in a fit of rage after coming home from Russia. I do have this lovely old luggage but it's really more of an ' I'm driving to a fancy hotel and I'll never actually have to carry this bag at all thats what other people are for' kind of bag because I'm a lady and I need they earth to help carry my luggage, I'll probably find some sort of wheely thing. But the bag on the left is definitely coming as its the exact dimensions for hand luggage, fantastic. Now I just have to decide whats going to go in the bags.Stupid packing.


_Dushka_ said...

oh those cases are amazing, Im so jealous :]

Anonymous said...

I want that case on the left!