Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's your favourite colour?

Now, normally id be thinking "what a stupid question, i simply could not choose one colour in particular!" Or so i thought. So, it's January and time to organise all the stuff you've been putting of, and for me it's my wardrobe.

I was so jealous when Lillian got her new wardrobe, it really is a masterpiece. It has double doors and every dress has it's own hanger. And, im not exagerrating when i say she has an entire closet dedicated to accessories, and coats of course. Whereas i am stuck with a teeny tiny single door built in wardrobe that spits things out at me every time i open it. Tomorrow, i will head to the auction rooms in Rathmines to find something a little more spacious.

So, today as i was organising my wardrobe and deciding what should stay and what should go i noticed that i had a very large amount of green and red. Im not just talking a few extra pieces, but far more green and red than all of the other colours put together. So i decided to put them all together. This is colour coordination to the MAX.

Green umbrella Euro 2 shop in Carrick-on-Shannon, shoes Beyond Retro Stockholm, tights TK Maxx, coat Camden market, dress Dunnes and scarf Free 'P Star Paris.

Boots some shop in Berlin, tights Penney's, skirt Topshop, shirt Free 'P Star Paris, bowtie in hair homemade.


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