Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Presents!

Christmas Presents by girlinamirror

I got the Nutcracker on dvd which is my favourite ballet and the Chanel Collections and Creations book is simply amazing. The chocolate fountain on the other hand, while it looks amazing and is such a novelty, is an absolute nightmare to clean.



Charline said...

oh lord i also have la fontaine en chocolat! a friend brought it to me for my housewarming, it took hours to be liquid, and in the end it fell on me, i waited two days before i started cleaning and needed two more days to finish the cleaning..
yummy with fruits and marshmallows anyways isnt it?

blogee said...

it's yummy for the first few bites i will agree, but i soon felt like a small child who had eaten too many sweets, not so pleasant

niamh said...

love the nutcracker!