Friday, January 30, 2009

Fash Mags

So after a very unreasonable 10-hour-long trip home from Paris on Thursday, im still absolutely exhausted. I wont go into details abut our holiday quite yet but i will show you the lovely collection of magazines that i picked up in the airport on our way back. I have a problem when it comes to magazines, i spent €100 extra on baggage fees just to get my magazines back to Dublin when i moved back from Paris in June. This time however, i was more sensible and brought them on as hand luggage.

This is my favourite french fashion magazine. The layout is perfect and they have English translations of all the articles in the back. The most expensive at €5 but worth it for the wonderful shoots and great articles.

Citizen K

This is unbelievably cheap at just €1. Many magazines are cheaper on the continent but i have absolutely no idea how they manage to charge so little for such a high quality mag. Dita Von Teese did a little shoot and they have a men's section at the back with some very attractive male models. There is also a new men's version which i hear is top notch.


Jalouse is for uber-cool french teenagers. The picture is from a Goonies inspired shoot. It epitomises the stylish teenager you always wanted to be, but never were. And it's another bargain at just €3.


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