Sunday, February 1, 2009


So we're back from our holliers. Four days in Antwerp followed by three in Paris. Why Antwerp? Well, it is the diamond capital of Europe and a haven for fashion royalty. So, i think why the hell not is a more appropriate question.

Lillian and I love shopping holidays. There is nothing more satisfying than returning home with an entirely new wardrobe. And so off we went to spend out four nights in a wonderful hotel that was formerly a cardinals residence. Tres posh.

The lovely dini
ng room where we enjoyed our breakfast. I most certainly recommend this place if anyone is planning a trip to Antwerp. It is so reasonable and the owners are just lovely, even if they do think we're a bit bonkers. Rubenshof.

Shopping la la la...

Bonaventura, Aalmoezenierstraat 38

A tiny little handbag shop tucked away on a very unassuming street in the Het Zuid. This place is perfection, Salvatore Ferragamo for €8, yes please. Everything here was in great condition too.

Labels Inc, Aalmoezenierstraat 4

arc Jacobs €80 and YSL €90

Absolutely incredible. Comme des Garcons jacket for €100, YSL shoes for €90 everything in mint condition, if you go to just one shop in Antwerp, let this be it. Lil bought a great Comme des Garcons purple sweater vest with lovely flower detailing. Website.

Sussies, Oude Koornmarkt 69

Nice pieces, but overpriced.

Episode, Steenhouwersvest 34a

Reminds me of the kind of vintage you find in Camden. Big shop, and the most amazing box of bow ties ive ever seen. Website.

Walter, St.Antoniusstraat 12

Its in an old car park. Go just to see it. And if you have loads of money, go and spend it all here. Website.

Belchique, Kloosterstraat 177

Moschino Cheap and Chic skirt €27, Pierre Hardy shoes €100, Chanel tweed jacket €300. Must i say more?

Mode Museum shop, Nationalestraat 28

Such a great space, but such boring clothes...

We also went to the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition in the Mode Museum which was brillers. And, we discovered that their offices were just two doors down from our accommodation in Paris. Seeing a Margiela clad worker emerge through the front door was quite amazing. Website.

Other treats include Bistro Theo, Nationalestraat 33, it's a cafe in the middle of a Camper shoe shop. Delicious sandwiches and cute little mini waffles with your coffee.

And the Antwerp handjes. Biscuits and chocolates in the shape of a hand. The story goes that a giant used to guard the river and would chop off the hands of those who tried to cross without paying the toll. But thankfully a Roman soldier came along and chopped off the giants hand and threw it into the river. So, according to the legend, the city was named after this, from the Dutch hand (as in English) and werpen (English: throw).

Something else that must not be overlooked food wise in Antwerp is their double fried chips. They're not for the health conscious but are quite a big deal in Belgium. We went to Haute Frituur, posh chips in Vlaamse Kaai. Yum yum.

Offshoot tip: Go in January. I don't know if it's the recession but the sales in Antwerp really were some of the best ive ever seen.



Cillian said...

It's like reliving September 08 all over again, love Antwerp. Did you happen upon the adorable, and terribly chic black-haird, bespectacled woman in Walter? She's so cute.

/Male Mode.

blogee said...

Actually, yes we did. She is very fabulous.