Thursday, February 19, 2009

A man's opinion

Here at offshoot we love fairly outrageous outfits. I hope to look back in ten years and cry at how ridiculous I looked, otherwise, I think you're just not doing it right. But sometimes we wonder what the other side think of how silly we look and the outfits we love. There are probably many ways of finding this out-hypnosis, studying eye movements, body language etc, but instead we just decided to ask.

We took a photo from the Facehunter and emailed it around to a few of the lads, just too see what they thought, and it is quite amazing what they came up with...

Our mate Sean: "it looks to me like her head's poking out of a chocolate ice-cream cone which has grown a curious fuzzy mould, that or she's just fabulous - who can tell?"

So she went from this;

To this;


Cillian said...


Swell idea.

/Male Mode.

Charline said...


The Portmanteau said...

This girls is everywhere at LFW.


blogee said...

I wonder who she is because she is all over Facehunter as well...