Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bags are better

Since the government introduced the plastic bag levy back in 2002, canvas bags have emerged as probably the most fashionable way of carrying your shopping. They also make a wonderful alternative to band t-shirts for us non-t-shirt wearing folk.

Dirty Projectors:

I bought this bag for a fiver at one of their gigs last year. Unfortunately i don't have a photo of it because Anna has stolen it from me. But, this is the picture that's on it, from their Slaves' Graves and Ballads album.

Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art:

I love this bag because it is so clever. I got it in the very average Antwerp Museum of Contemporary Art when we were there in January. Another bargain at just €3.

Nokia Trends Lab:

I got this when i was in Berlin. They screen printed it for me right then and there, and then gave me some free beer. That was a good day.

And a few i made myself...


This illustration is from the sleeve of Amnesiac, i know the photo isn't the best but i can't find the bag anywhere. Also, im not at a rubbish dump in this photo, it was an exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.


Their lyrics are perfect for putting on bags, i made this elephant eyelash bag for when they played back in April and im thinking about doing a Vowels Part 2 one as well using the alphabet people. Do anyone remember them? I couldn't find them anywhere on the internet, they seem to have modernised how kids learn the alphabet, what a pity.



Charline said...

great! i love so much the dirty projectors one!
if i had a fashion blog i'll do something about the best way of wearing band t shirts, cutting them and stuff!
dont be anti, band t shirts are just the best way to stay young!

blogee said...

You're right charline I've been meaning to write a post about that glass candy tshirt i made into a dress.