Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little bit about you : South Korea

When we first set up this blog, we honestly didn't think anyone would be bothered reading it. However, it turns out we were wrong. A couple of weeks ago we got Google analytics and one of my favourite things to do is go to the map and see where all our lovely readers come from. So, this little post will be about the stylish people from around the world who happen to read Offshoot.

Hello Seoul!

I took a liking to the South Korean capital after i saw on StreetPeeper how incredibly stylish they are there. This is a city with the second largest metropolitan area population in the world and therefore a much higher proportion of stylish kids than many other places.

Photos from StreetPeeper

There is a Vogue especially for Korea, and Seoul fashion week. I was checking out a few of the designers that showed at SS/09 Fashion Week on Dazed Digital and was particularly impressed by Lee Younghee, and this photo. She uses a lot of Korean silk and also shows in Paris.

There is also The Seoul Fashion Center which was set up in 200o to help establish the city as a global fashion capital. Seoul was also the location for the 2005 Korean Big Women Fashion Show. An article in the International Herald Tribune details the pressures on Korean women to conform to Western beauty standards. Some of the women who took part in the show said that they had been discriminated against by employers because of their weight as well as being verbally abused in the street.


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