Saturday, February 7, 2009

So why were you in Paris?

Actually wasn't a question we were asked too much, people seemed to be more confused about the trip to Antwerp. It was however just assumed we were heading that way for men's fashion week, unfortunately were not organised enough bloggers quite yet and didn't realise we'd been in Paris for men's fashion week till it was a little too late. Our plan of heading down to one of the shows and using our feminine charms to blag our way in remained but a plan because there was just too much shopping to be done. The closest we got to experiencing the buzz around fashion shows was to stand outside the doors of the Maison Martin Margiela office (which just so happened to be next door to our friend's apartment), while a bunch of very fashiony looking Parisians ran in and out getting ready for the show.
So instead of giving an insightful look at the new collections I've decided to be terribly broad and pretty much just say what everyone else is thinking, stop wearing skinny jeans and put on a real pair of pants. It's a return to classic sophistication(or well it seems to be after reading an article in the financial times), which I'm very happy about. It's terrible to generalise a whole city but I'll do it anyway, for me the men in Antwerp were probably the most well dressed I've ever seen. It was all so casual but so well put together, really simple things like how they wore their scarves (just thrown over their shoulder's at the bar, I almost went up to one guy to find out how he had managed to tie his scarf in such a fantastic way), it was kind of like a whole city full of designers. Again this is terribly general but I find in Paris the guys try a little too hard, if you've decided that you want to be cool and indie thats all well and good but at least try and make it look like you didn't try (that was a very poorly constructed sentence but hopefully you get the point).
So to summarise hopefully by Autumn men will be back to wearing real pants and be done with those skinny jeans.

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Cillian said...

Preaching to the converted, ha! I tried skinnies for a few months and found a) bulky thighs need not apply, and b) skinnies became ubiquitous.

Pants fo' life!

PS. It pains me a little that you found yourselves outside MMM, so jealous!

/Male Mode.