Friday, February 27, 2009

It's like one mind

A while back I was talking about the LEGO accessories I'd made for December's TAC, not too long after Colin over at Trendspot was blogging about the legendary toys and now it's turned up on the coolhunter. Lanvin used a lego gun in their campaign.

Since I lost my casio in an extreme haze of sleepiness I'm currently watchless and if LEGO would deliver this watch to Ireland (seems its currently unavailable for the area) I would have got it but it seems I'm going to have to continue to rely on my phone for the time being.
They've also started making camera's, usb keys and mp3 players, apparently theres also going to be LEGO ghetto blasters fairly soon.I forsee a summer full of LEGO, possibly even sunglasses if I get the time to experiment a bit. Although I fear the kids who dress like they're in skins might grab hold of this one and run with it, therefore ruining it for everyone else.

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Cillian said...

For sure, a multitude a colours together in one object, you can be sure the teeny-boppers will be all over it.

/Male Mode.