Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dane to be different

Not too long ago I had my heart set on a year away in Denmark, that was until college decided that they didn't want me to have any fun and that I had to stay in dirrty Dublin. I had almost forgotten what could have been and resigned myself to this tiny tiny city when I saw the pictures from Copenhagen's  fashion week and bam the wound was like new. In particular Louise Amstrup  caught my eye. She is usually based in London and this was the first time she showed in her native country. If theres one thing I'm a sucker for it's a nice jacket and I'm loving her structural yet somewhat slouchy pieces (odd combo)

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Bluebirds Are So Natural said...

My 21st birthday outfit consisted entirely of Louise Alstrup. It was pretty amazing.
Scroll down through the photos to see it, don't mind my drunken drunken drunken little face.xa