Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fashionable Animals

This evening i will be preparing my costume for Tuesday's T.A.C. Normally i don't go all out for T.A.C. for the simple reason that it is on a Tuesday night and it's just not far enough into the week to be thinking about having a laugh. However i will make an exception this week as it will probably be the last time im out for some time - im in fourth year and im also broke.

The theme is animal rave so after some discussion with Lillian i have decided to go as a "ravin cat". Lil bought me an amazing gymnastics leotard a while back for an even more amazing €1 which i have been saving for a special occasion as it's not exactly something you'd be wearing to college.

I am also making myself a new collar to wear with my leotard and as i already have a pair of cat ears and a tail im pretty much sorted.

Some nice black satin.

Bit of work on the sewing machine.

Twenty minutes, some ribbon and a piece
of elastic later, i have myself a lovely new collar.

I think that perhaps i will need some red and black face paint to bring the whole look together.


Note: We used to sell these collars at the Car Boot Sale so if you would like one of your own get in contact and we will rustle one up for a very small fee.


Anonymous said...

Was just coming on here to check if you two were definitely going to TAC. Question answered, lovely!

Arsheen said...

super outfit! let us know how it went! with pics if poss