Thursday, February 12, 2009

YSL unisex line

That's right Stefano Pilati is launching the first unisex line which was announced a little while ago, but now there are pictures. Perhaps it is a little less odd seeing that the collection is coming from YSL the creator of le smoking tux, the ultimate in androgyny. From today until 21st of February you can buy the line in a pop up store in New York. If like me you won't be crossing the Atlantic any time soon you'll just have to imagine how great your life could have been if you had only had that trench coat, or that suit.


Now I know this is just in time for Valentines day and if I were to see a couple wearing matching outfits I might actually throw up. I have no doubt that some horribly annoying fashiony type couple will be strutting around New York tomorrow in their matching suits generally being shit people. I have major problems with couples dressing alike ( it happens often enough unintentionally without starting lines for that specific function, just like that French line Couples don't like that at all). So hopefully if you do have the chance to snap up some of the beautiful clothes from YSL that just so happen to be unisex you'll have the good sense to make sure that your fella doesn't buy the matching blazer.

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