Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturdays in the snow

We don't normally do early mornings here at Offshoot but we made an exception on Saturday to make our way through the snow to The Clarence for some brekie at the 7th Fashion Bloggers' Brunch. And a delicious breakfast it was at that. Champagne and mini-pastries, oh my!

After brunch myself ad Lillian went up to Adam's on Stephens Green for the viewing of the late Anne Bullitts fabulous wardrobe. It was an amazing sight, a room filled with Lanvin, Dior, Herm├Ęs, Chloe and Ungaro. I fell in love with a beautiful black and cream silk evening dress with three quarter length sleeves and a lovely mint green bow. We didn't head down to the auction on Sunday because I think we both knew it would be far too dangerous for our purses.

It's a terrible photo but you get the idea.

It ended up going for €90 and the sale ended up making over €70,000 for Crumlin Childrens Hospital helped along by the black crocodile Hermes Birkin which sold for €7,000. Im actually seething with anger at myself for not going because some of the pieces, including Lanvin went for as little as €10 and an Ungaro silk suit for a fiver. Biggest fashion mistake of my life!



Anonymous said...

ARGH that's so upsetting, I wish I'd gone. At least now we have an answer when someone asks that 'biggest fashion mistake of your life' question.

Cillian said...

Lanvin for €10! Gah! Even I'm raging I missed that!

/Male Mode.

Arsheen said...

oh no, same reason I didn't go! just looked lovingly at the clothes from the outside. darn!

blogee said...

God Catherine why didn't we go back in on Sunday? How much did that bag of purses go for? Or the perfect blck Chloe jacket? Do you remember the perfect black jacket?

Annmarie said...

i'm about to cry. i tried on those clothes for an article i wrote and was salivating for weeks but has copy to file that afternoon so skipped the jolly. i might actually get sick with envy. (she sobs copiously into her sleeve). ah tenner?

Bluebirds Are So Natural said...

Kindoflovemycollartoomuch. xxxxxxxA

blogee said...

Im glad you like it too much, its an awful lot better than not liking it at all.