Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back to Ballet

So, normally i don't really do New Years resolutions, but this year i decided to finally go back to ballet. I did 10 years almost 9 years ago and i always regretted leaving. But now that im back, its time to update my selection of leotards. The girl beside me last week was wearing an entirely new outfit so i felt a bit shabby in the leotard ive had since i was 13.

Top of the list is this lovely 5th Avenue Shoe Repair leotard, pricey but very lovely. It's from the new collection which you can see here.

Then there is American Apparel, which is opening its first store in Dublin at the end of March. Now i wouldn't normally be considering AA, because it's a bleedin rip-off these days but they have started doing a three pack of leotards for €63, which is pretty good.

I also adore these black teaching pumps from Dance World. I couldn't wear these to class but since we've been having such an extreme winter im optimistic that it won't rain for the entire summer this year so i think ill wear them with a leotard and these amazing pants that im gonna make.

I love how 80's pattern illustrations always are. This one is from Vogue patterns. Im not mad on the check but i do think they could be quite cool made a little shorter and in a vertical black and white stripe.

A trip to Dance World really is in order. Once ive purchased an entirely new dancing wardrobe all ill have to do is practise.



Arsheen said...
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Arsheen said...

Hi guys your pic is up on FF and The Dinner Jacket

(feb issue)

niamh said...

i do ballet too (: i like your blog!

blogee said...

Thanks Niamh