Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Photograph for a fashion magazine..."

We are quite excited to see today that we've made it into The Dinner Jacket, a quite nice Canadian e-zine. They have a little photo feature about Dublin street style. We were photographed by the girls at Fashion Filosofy with our fellow blogger's at the 7th Fashion Blogger's Brunch.

I am wearing: Black Benneton jacket, Hermes scarf, red hand-made skirt, Jonathan Aston socks, brogues from Schuh and hat from River Island.
Lillian is wearing: Jacket from Free 'P' Star Paris, dress from Asos, shirt from Urban Outfitters, double sided tartan hood hand-made and brogues from Topshop.



Arsheen said...

Cat's red skirt and Lil's hood are my faves. Handmade too. genius! x

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool

Dagless said...

Ye look like two Beckettian characters, especially with Cat's hat, and with the Faber and Faber stamp in the bottom corner. That might have been your intention... If so, deadly.